Gained wisdom cast aside, the screenlit drones

Will digitize their failures with dull taps

On smudged touchscreens while ancients murmur, moan

And weep with voice of muffled thunderclaps.

Angelic minstrel with his sword of flame

And ash in gauntlet formed of fierce renown,

No golden star adorns his shield; of shame

He shrieks as blood encrusts his latest crown.

“Just go away and stay away!” with hands

As fists upraised in fierce mindless intent,

The throng’s eyes glaze with partisan demands

While all along, ignored, your fortune’s spent.

So thus ride forth, my student, charge, and child,

O speak and shape, to shake and curse the wild.


About The Brawling Poet

I'm a father, husband, and teacher (in that order) with slightly geekish interests. And don't worry - I brawl metaphorically. Check out my Twitter feed at @TheBrawlingPoet as well.
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